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Xavi’s Future as Barcelona Coach in Doubt

Xavi Hernandez Barcelona Coach

Following a disappointing start to the season, the Supercup finals el-classico couldn’t have come at a much better time. The match against Real Madrid was the perfect opportunity for Xavi to reassert himself as the person to head this Barcelona project. However, the painful loss to Los Blancos at the Supercup final has put more pressure on Xavi regarding his future at the club.

The uproar among the Blaugrana fanbase has not been massive, but that says a lot, too. Before the match, many fans believed that Xavi might not be the right manager this Barcelona team needs going forward.

Following the two consecutive losses to Real Madrid, the first one in La Liga and now this, the feeling among the fanbase is that it’s time for change at the helm. However, the Barcelona Board has recently come out strongly to reassure Xavi of their continued support. The Barcelona boardroom still believes that Xavi is the right person to head this project.

Despite this reassurance from the board and management, with Deco also coming out to support Xavi, we can say with certainty that for the first time, Xavi’s role as a manager appears to be in real danger, and he is walking on thin ice unless there is a significant turnaround in the team’s performances. The outcome of the Champions League Round of 16 could play a decisive role regarding Xavi’s future at Barcelona. A loss at this stage might just break the camel’s back.

One of the challenges Barcelona faces is a need for more sharpness in attack. Also, the team concedes too many goals despite having one of the best defenses in Europe, at least on paper. Xavi’s supporters could argue that injuries have contributed to the sharp decline in performance. However, all top teams in Europe occasionally grapple with their key players’ injuries.

Xavi Diehards could also point out that the manager still needs to get the signings he requested during the summer. However, at the beginning of the season, Xavi is on record saying that the current Barcelona squad is more robust than it was last season, following the summer reinforcements. The Barcelona’s coach tactics have come under criticism from both pundits and fans. Despite winning the Supercup and La Liga last season, the expectation was for an even better performance this season.

Barcelona is a club rarely patient with its managers if the desired results are not trickling in. Barcelona demands more than wins from its manager; the expectation is that the team should play entertaining football and completely dominate their opponents. The recent streak of one-goal wins is not plausible for the fans. This is different from the Barcelona that the fans want. Fans have missed the three, four, and five-goal fiestas. This is something that Xavi still needs to accomplish this season consistently.

With the club operating on a tight budget, there are fewer possibilities for new signings to strengthen the team further. Xavi will have to make do with the players he has and bring an end to the mediocre performances if he is to secure his future at Barcelona.

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