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Garcia Pimienta Not Thinking of a Return to Barcelona in The Short Term

Garcia Pimienta Return to Barcelona

Following reports linking the Las Palmas tactician Garcia Pimienta to a possible return to Barcelona as the first team coach, the manager has said rejoining the club hasn’t even crossed his mind. According to Mundo Deportivo, Pimienta’s focus is on Las Palmas and he is not considering leaving the club in the short term.

“It doesn’t even cross my mind at this moment, we have to achieve permanence, which is going to be very difficult, and once achieved, what happens in the future will be seen,” Garcia Pimienta Mundo Deportivo

Does this open the door for Garcia Pimienta’s possible return to Barcelona in the future?

When Laports sacked Garcia Pimienta as Barca B coach, it came as a surprise to many. Pimienta had been part of the Barcelona youth coaching setup for over two decades. As Barcelona Athletic tactician, he managed to take them to the promotion playoffs three times unsuccessfully. However, the improved performance and the beautiful football that the B side displayed is without question.

Since Pimienta’s departure, Barcelona Athletic has seen a significant drop in performance. Case in point: the recent loss of six matches in a row. 

Is Garcia Pimienta being missed at Barca Athletic, just like we feared following his sacking? 

Well, it depends on whom you ask. Reports from some quarters are that Pimienta is an overambitious tactician, with his eyes set on coaching a first team and nothing less, following the recent drop in the form of Xavi’s team and the fantastic run that Las Palmas, Pimienta’s current club, is having. A section of the Barcelona fanbase has been dreaming of his comeback. Social media has been abuzz with calls for the appointment of Pimienta as the first team coach. Las Palmas under Pimienta are playing the kind of football that many Barcelona fans would be proud of. Besides, Las Palmas is in an excellent position to compete for one of the European championship spots.

Laporta’s sacking of Pimienta remains one of the most questionable decisions he has made in his tenure. We shall see whether this decision comes back to bite him hard in the future.

Let us know what you think of Garcia Pimienta’s possible return as Barcelona’s first-team coach.



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